Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hopetown from the Ferry Dock

I painted this as a demonstration during my Bahamas workshop and as usual started with the sky--and could hear the gasps behind me as red and yellow pigments hit the paper...aren't clouds white?


martinealison said...

Votre harmonie de couleurs me ravit et l'ensemble de cette peinture est très plaisante... Belle aquarelle, bravo !
Bisous et bon weekend.

RH Carpenter said...

Your Bahamas paintings are gorgeous! Love the skies, water and ground (on this one) that mimics that beautiful sky.

lifeartist said...

I can imagine gasps as near shrieks! At dusk there's also green. Most people don't believe me until I point it out to them and then they are amazed.

I have always admired your color especially the reds and yellows in this sky.