Monday, February 15, 2010

Ferry Dock, Late Afternoon

At the Marsh Harbour dock, waiting for the last ferry of the day to Hopetown.


JRonson said...

nice view, good job very pop art

Susan Abbott said...

Thanks. Maybe the scale difference between the figure and the tree reminds you of "Pop Art"?

chris said...

I just found your blog and love your work! I don't see the prices for your fournal paintings, though...?

Thanks for giving us color and beauty in the middle of a long winter!

Susan Abbott said...

Hi, Chris. Thanks for writing--glad you found my blog. The "Travelogue" sketches are $225. if 5" x 5, and $350., if 8" x 8". Here's a link to see all of the watercolors in this series:

(or you can click on "Travelogues" tag under this painting.)

Other paintings range in price, and I may be saving them for future exhibits. Please email me if you have a specific painting you're interested in.