Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NRECA Commission

My approach for this mural is "WPA Meets Post-Impressionism"--a stylized landscape combined with vivid color shapes. Click here to see more images from this project.

When I'm in Paris this spring, I'm going to see Raoul Dufy's mural about the history of electricity, and try to figure out how he managed to design a similar narrative in his wonderful decorative style--that's over 120 feet long!


MCJArt said...

Wow ~ what a wonderful project Susan! And your colors are great!

I wish you much success and joy during the creative process of your mural. What medium will you be using? I studied true buon fresco In Rome (as practiced my Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel) and am always seeking to find other artists who use this forgotten medium!

All the best to you Susan!

A fellow artist,

~MCJ ~

Altoon Sultan said...

This looks terrific, Susan. The combination of stylized form and brilliant color works so well for the project. Congrats!

Susan Abbott said...

Thank you both for your comments--glad you like how this turned out. MJC, I envy and admire your training in fresco. I'm amazed by the ability of artists to work in that medium, given how quickly it dries. The NRECA mural I show here is oil on watercolor paper. I used Galkyd medium (made by Gamblin) so that that I could glaze and adjust colors after a layer dried overnight.

Stilin Studio said...

Oh, to have a job like that (although I know the grass isn't always greener!).... I find the oil on watercolor paper process fascinating. Your work is exceptional - congratulations!