Thursday, March 12, 2009

Road, Summer

Route 4 near Castleton, heading towards the New York border (where the big billboards begin, and mood of the landscape quickly changes. One of the reasons travelers in Vermont feel "it just looks different here" is our forty year old state-wide billboard ban, which like so many other innovations was one person's big idea.)


GALLERY kuma said...

simply beautiful. I liked similar one done in watercolors. I am from north eastern part if india, where the himalayan kingdom begins from a state called Uttaranchal. It is very popular with tourists interested in mountain sports. I simply go there to get lost in the tranquility of the hills & their lovely people & temples. It's landscape as you can imagine complete opposite of rajasthan's sandunes.

Anita said...

I really like the division of this painting - the warm apricot skies and the cool blue of the road. Wonderful!

Shea said...

I just can't say enough about how great, and how much I like, love, this series of paintings you are doing. I think you are dismissing these smaller, quicker paintings, as sketches in your mind. They are much more than that. This series speaks to me. The compositions are amazing. I love how you use the colors. Of course, all of your work is exceptional, but to me this series stands out. It's my opinion that you should make some larger ones based on your visual journal here, make another series, but larger, and have a large showing of them all, maybe even write a book, with prints of them in it. I'd buy it. I feel many would. Maybe I am thinking too much of my own intuition and opinions, but I believe that doing a larger series of these would be very successful in every way. They speak to me. and my thinking is, if they speak to me, and I feel that way about them, probably a great deal of people would feel and respond the same way.