Monday, July 21, 2008

Barn, Northeast Kingdom

Stopped while driving backroads somewhere up in Vermont's farthest corner by the dark purple of a barn in shadow.


Anonymous said...

Susan, your colors are just wonderful! Any tips for those of us new to painting and drawing? I noticed your Giotto journal entry and what looked like a color analysis of the St Francis fresco...have you done many of these?


Susan Abbott said...

Thanks for your comment, Georgina. It's hard to summarize my approach to color--I think about color value, complements, analogous colors, and those elements are combined into a color composition. Then there's the emotional or intuitive part of dealing with color. For this painting I used a triad--3 primary colors. The Giotto study was for a class I taught. (If you're interested in taking a workshop with me, please send your email and I'll let you know what I have coming up.)