Wednesday, October 24, 2012

From Ile St. Louis

 Sitting on the quay in late sun on an autumn afternoon, as a black barge and evening chill move slowly down the Seine.


martinealison said...

Un emplacement si magique... Une très jolie aquarelle.
Gros bisous

Sergio DS said...

A pleasent watercolor, with soft and good balanced mixing colors.

Don Gray said...

Susan, this watercolor is just a marvel. Beautiful simplification, distilling down to essences. Inventive color and abstraction of subject that still somehow "reads" as naturalistic.

Susan Abbott said...

Thank you for writing, Don, Martine and Sergio. I enjoyed very much sitting on the quay with my watercolors working on this, but as is so often true, had and have no idea what I think of the painting--other than it says for me something of what it was like to be sitting there on that October afternoon. So I appreciate your comments!