Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Sketchbook: Virginia

This weekend I'm teaching a "Travel Sketchbook" class in Alexandria, and once again am reminded by the creative energy of my students that the world would be a happier place if more
folks would draw, paint, and just generally make stuff.


Anonymous said...

This is lovely, Susan. I was bummed that my schedule would't accommodate this class this year. I thoroughly enjoyed it last year and learned a lot. You are a wonderful teacher.

Marge Holtz

Susan Abbott said...

Thank you, Marge! Hope to see you in a workshop soon--I'll be back down teaching in September.

Bhavna said...

I think this is a wonderfull blog. The work posted touches the souls as an artist.The creative process had always brought happiness and given me a feeling of accomplishment, self – satisfaction and contentment. Now I
plan to successfully translate this passion into an exciting career and prays that this zeal for art can become a larger part of my life as I grow as an artist.

Susan Abbott said...

Thank you, Bhavna. Best of luck with your work!