Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Road Towards Water

Don't you love it when you are driving along the coast and you come around a bend and there, instead of trees or houses or more road, is a sudden view of blue water stretching all the way to the horizon?


martinealison said...

Alors bien sûr le spectacle est magnifique... Lorsque je vivais à Saint-Tropez, tous les matins je conduisais mes enfants à l'école et j'avais un spectacle similaire... subitement la mer apparaissait à l'arrivée d'un virage.

Une toile pleine de lumière et une belle harmonie de couleurs. J'aime le beau travail de vos arbres également.

Alisha B. Whitman said...

The crispness of these colors are so nice! I can almost smell the ocean, and if it's warm, that's where I'd like to be!

lifeartist said...

I get a similar experience along the shore of Lake Michigan. There is one town in Wisconsin with an expansive bay and the view when I drive down hill towards the town center is exhilarating.

I love the purple/pink in road. I know the roads in New England are pave with a crushed pink granite and have a pink cast. You have juiced it up to exactly the right level. I have always admired your color.

Cathy said...

I love it!! What great colours and what a stunning light! It's so peaceful!