Monday, November 14, 2011

Fourth of July (detail, in progress)

A section of another new painting, after my first pass through with burnt umber to establish the composition.


Jana Bouc said...

Hi Susan,
I know you are a fantastic colorist but noticed your recent starts begin with a burnt umber underpainting. Is this something new you're doing with oils or have you always done that? I struggle with value a bit and was so blown away by the previous barn underpainting with a wonderful range of values just in monochrome. I'm thinking it could help my painting to do the same.

Susan Abbott said...

Hi, Jana. My plein air paintings and still life don't have under paintings, they are painted "alla prima", working with either a limited palette or full range of color from the start. The series of studio landscapes I'm working on now have precise compositions, and the umber under painting helps me get the drawing and values where I want them before dealing with color. I'm really not a "tonal", or value based painter who works more with neutrals, as I'm very interested in color value--so this is the first stage.

Jana bouc said...

Thanks Susan. I was inspired by this approach and decided to give it a try myself for a portrait I'm working on. The tonal underpainting is being very helpful for me in getting the drawing and composition right first (and for me the values as well) before getting too much paint on the canvas. And even though you say you're not a tonal or value-based painter you work shows your inherent deep understanding of values even when you use color contrasts to create dimension. I learn so much from studying your work when I receive it in my email. Thank you!

Antonio Machado said...

Excelent painting!
" em portugues eu diria que é uma beleza de esboço, mancha preparatória à moda clássica. um ótimo desenho e uma composição muito bem equilibrada "