Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Sketchbook: Vermont

Today I'm driving north again, after a busy and enjoyable week of teaching in Washington. Meanwhile, back in Vermont, flood-damaged roads are reopened, cider is being pressed, and the first frost visited last night.


Gillian said...

I like your sketching style. It's like handwriting really isn't it - we are all unique when we sketch! fabulous. x

njart73 said...

Hi Susan,

The sketch that you have posted brought back a lot of memories from my past autumnal visits. It was great to read that the recovery is progressing . What type of
pens & sketchbook are using?

One Step Away said...

Hi Susan,
I took one of your workshops in Alexandria several years ago. I was wondering if you ever offer one hour consults for artists? I'd be interested in this type of meeting the next time you are in the Washington DC area. Sorry I missed your recent visit to this areas. Here is my email address:
Steve Moen