Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Spring to Summer (left panel)

My still life commission "Spring to Summer" is finished, and here is the left panel, and the complete triptych...stay tuned for the other two panels. You can gauge the time from beginning to completion by the fruit I painted, which began with cherries, then raspberries, peaches and plums, blackberries, and finally wild apples.


Judy said...

Amazing! To see the three of them! Wonderful work!

Altoon Sultan said...

This looks beautiful, Susan. I love the long white cloth tying the three panels together.

martinealison said...

Chaque détail m'émerveille... je lis votre peinture... Elle me fascine.
bravo pour ce long et magnifique travail.
gros bisous

Susan Abbott said...

Thank you, Altoon, Judy and Martine. White cloth is a great aid when composing a large still life, Altoon!