Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Spring to Summer--Vignette 10

Here's the white river flowing back to meet a tea cup (stamped "Made in Occupied Japan" on its underside, and prized by me for its delicacy) that I've painted many times in a still life "landscape".


Linda Kay said...

your work is beautiful & I love the idea that a white scarf is like a river moving...very nice

Susan Abbott said...

Thank you for writing, Linda, I appreciate it. I find there are many similarities between landscape and still life compositions, fabric as a "river" being one.

Marielle Vergara said...

Hi, Ms. Abbott! I'm 15 yrs old and love art. I picked art as a subject and in our class, we were told to pick one painting from 3 contemporary painters. I've looked up the painters and ur one of them! Your paintings have caught my eye from the moment I laid upon them. So I picked you instead of Frank Coclough and Connor Walton. Huge fan! :)