Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stone Wall and Trees, Provence

Painted at an old country estate that was like an elegant stage set for a film about the vanished past and uncertain future.


Sydney said...

ha, it does look like a film shooting location! x


Ana said...

Hola Susan! Hace tiempo que visito tu blog, pero no me animaba a comentarte por mi dificultad con el idioma. Son hermosísimas, los colores, la técnica que empleas, un estilo que me encanta. Felicitaciones!
Saludos desde Argentina.

Hello Susan! Some time ago that I visit your blog, but I was not encouraging to comment on you for my difficulty with the language. They are the most beautiful, the colors, the technology that you use, a style that I am charmed with. Congratulations!
Regards from Argentina.

Helen Percy Lystra said...

I happend on your blog while surfing. Love the abstract look of these little pieces and the wonderful color.

J-Lo said...

Such lovely paintings. The balance, rhythm, and geometry of your color and light placement is beginning to overtake the inherent beauty of the thing you're painting. Not saying you're headed toward pure abstraction, but it's there if you wanted it! Thanks for sharing these.