Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Memory, Oregon

Emptiness and light.


Altoon Sultan said...

beautiful, Susan. The minimal color is very poetic, the light specific. I love the horizontal cloud in a vertical format.

Adrianne in Portland said...

Susan, thanks for the answer on the colors yesterday. At least I got one right!

Your Oregon Coast paintings fill me with a combination of longing, admiration and envy. I live 60 miles away and haven't been able to make it there for awhile. Your vision of the area is unique and beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Susan Abbott said...

Thanks for these comments, Altoon and Adrianne. I visited the Oceanside area for the first time last winter, and really loved it. The coast there feels like nothing I've ever experienced--the silvery light, scale of rock formations, subtlety of color. Am hoping to get back there again soon. Sixty miles away, Adrianne--take a day trip! This must be a lovely time of year there--no crowds, and plenty of lovely gray (which you can mix from that triad!)