Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mt. Tabor #2

I'm back at work on my nine panel "Mt. Tabor" painting, which is as much about sun, shadow and shapes as it is about the specifics of a place.

6 comments: said...

How right you are? Absolutely beautiful. Love this big time.
peace n abundance,

Susan Abbott said...

Thank you for writing, CheyAnne!

SKIZO said...


Kyata said...

I have been admiring your artworks and this piece is one of the most favorite works. What a great effect of light and shadow, the wonderful colors you chose, the pond on the ground is adding one more charm. I love it.

Angel said...

Very like the shadow that dropped on the wall ( front of us ) very close to a realism :) Very nice :)

Susan Abbott said...

I appreciate all of your comments on this painting...thank you for taking the time to write!