Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wheat Fields and Lavender, Provence

From a farm road tucked behind a lavender field, with a different motif to paint with every turn of your head (including, on the right, something very unusual for this part of Provence, a little lake reflecting back the sky.)


sdonoho said...

Very nice. The colors jump out and invite.

Gwendie said...

I really enjoy seeing your paintings and reading your stories about them. And I LOVE how bright and colorful your paintings are!!! (I also like the comments you mix in with ours about the way you worked on them.)

Susan Abbott said...

Thanks for writing, Sodohno and Gwendie. My goal is to keep my comments to a sentence or two, so that limits how much i can write about painting process--but I'll keep it in mind to do more of that, hopefully still with brevity!