Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday Sketchbook: Packing

I find that beginning the first pages of a travel sketchbook while still here at home helps me cope with pre-trip anxieties (such as what to pack for a five week European jaunt that includes both hiking on dusty Galician foot paths and lecturing in the very tidy Louvre).


Marianne Ginsberg said...

Susan - I can relate to the packing anxiety. How do you decide what art supplies to bring with you on a trip like this? Do you buy any art supplies while you're at your destination? Happy travels!

Alex said...

Hola Susan,

Looking forward to this - should be a lot of fun! See you soon!

Saludos from Spain,


Susan Abbott said...

Thanks for writing, Marianne. What supplies I bring depends on the kind of painting I know I'll be doing--on this trip, sketchbooks and small watercolors. I'll bring a french easel if the trip is primarily for landscape painting. I try not to depend on buying supplies while I'm away, as I work with specific brands of paper and paint, and am not sure if they'll be available where I am--plus don't want to waste time hunting down an art supply store. That being said, I usually look for art supply stores in foreign cities, just to see what's available. (I always visit the Sennelier store when in Paris, and have fond memories of wonderful little art shops in Florence, Rome, London and New York, in all of which I spent plenty of money.) And I'm always on the lookout for new sketchbooks.

Susan Abbott said...

Hi, Alex. I'm looking forward to the trip too. See you in Santiago!