Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Study

A look forward towards the fields at the end of my road in June.


Susan Roux said...

I love this composition you navigate to. There's such a feeling of space.

I was told very early on in my painting life, that purple loves green. It not only loves it, it sings with it! Very striking piece.

Susan Abbott said...

Thanks, Susan. I haven't thought of the two as having a special affinity, but it's true (depending on the violet and green). Colors trend in a direction, towards and away from each other. We painters see color like dogs hear sound--there's a whole range there in nature that we are aware of, and "civilians" are oblivious to. Like I'm oblivious if I'm taking a walk in the woods with a biologist--they read the landscape in a different way, too.

Hania said...

This painting is absolutely eztraordinary! Teh vibrant colours are just creating the space in a way I haven't seen before