Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Woman in a Garden

Now that I'm home again in my studio, here's one last painting (an experiment in the style of the "Douanier Rousseau") brought back from the past before I dig in for a new series of work and a long winter.


gaia said...

i love it! congratulations..

Susan Abbott said...

Thank you, Gaia. I probably confuse some of my blog visitors by sometimes throwing into the mix a different style or subject matter. This piece, and occasional others, are older, and were visual ideas I didn't pursue, for one reason or another, further that a few images. No experiment is ever a blind alley, though, as I find I always come away with something, even if it's just seeing an indefinite idea made real.

BMoon said...

Very nicely done! Experimenting, I believe, is how we continue to discover our personal style, and keep learning at the same time.