Friday, May 8, 2009

Mountain, Summer (in process)

The first stage of another view from a mountain top (this time in Stowe) in the season of taffeta blues and velvet greens.


Hillary Miller said...

Susan, you're probably my favorite colorist. Here's another beautiful example of your use of pure colors juxtaposed against earthier tones, just enough unsaturation to anchor your heavenly scenes to reality. I would love for you to talk sometime on your blog about your thoughts on color, your color decision process, etc.

Susan Abbott said...

Thank you, Hillary. I feel like a color discussion may need to be tackled by my starting another blog! A big topic. I find that many years of working in watercolor has influenced and changed my approach to color in oils: much more direct color choices, more transparency, more use of complements, and purer colors. More color decisiveness, in general.