Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Sketchbook: India

I was lucky enough a few years back to spend three weeks traveling through Rajasthan with my sketchbook, watercolors, and an adventurous group of painting students. The view from my seat on our bus was sometimes harrowing (will that family on the motorscooter make it around the truck and donkey cart in time, or will they hit that cow wandering across the highway?) and always amazing. You can see my sketchbooks from Rajasthan here.


SeƱor R said...

Very beautifull watercolors

Carolyn said...

I spent some time in Kolkata this past summer and I found the roads to be unbearable. I was so afraid to get into the car, even though we had a driver taking us everywhere. Cool sketch!

Anita said...

I am currently living just over the border in Pakistan but the security situation prevents me from travelling anywhere. I am hoping that we will make it to India as my grandparents lived there for 20 years and my mother was born there. What fun to go on a painting holiday there!
Lovely sketch!