Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Study: Winter Farm

This small farm is on our hill, and sometime in the future I'd like to paint a whole series on the work that goes on here through the seasons. On winter evenings these windows always glow with a warm light--the farmer is feeding and watering his herd before everyone can go to sleep.


adelaide tyrol said...

Susan-You have captured the feel of Steve's barn perfectly ! Every Christmas eve-for 17 years now- we go up to the barn and gather some grain to feed those famous 8 reindeer. Even though the reality of the reindeer has long fallen by the wayside- it is the draw of the warm barn and its lowing inhabitants that draw us every year. Your painting reflects that magnetism so so well.


Susan Abbott said...

Thanks, Adelaide. The contrast of that cold, cold snow and those warm windows always gets me when I drive by.