Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Amaryllis and Orange

There's frost on the stubble of last summer's annual garden this morning. I need to think ahead and order amaryllis bulbs to force these last weeks of autumn, so that in a few months I can look past that flash of bright red on my studio windowsill toward the unending white of deep winter.


Elizabeth Parsons said...

I am constantly blown away by your watercolors...from this realism to the vibrant colors...really nice!


Anonymous said...

Hello Susan,
I have just chanced by your blog whilst surfing. OMG, you are truly amazing !!

I cannot imagine how much effort would have gone into the card detail and the china plate border. The postmark detail on the envelope is superb.

With your permission, may I save this amazing work as my desktop background.

I look forward to seeing your work for the National Rural Electrification Commission.

Best regards


Susan Abbott said...

Thank you for your comments! Yes, Vijaya, please do enjoy this paintings as your desktop.